Cool News!

If you watched the news recently, you may have noticed a report about a new study that looked at acupuncture and hot flashes due to menopause. For those who suffer from hot flashes, the news was good!

The study involved 53 post-menopausal women who were divided into treatment and placebo groups. The treatment group received acupuncture treatments twice a week for five weeks. The placebo group was given 'sham' acupuncture where the needles did not pierce the skin, but the women thought they were getting the real thing. After the five weeks, women who got real acupuncture experienced less severe hot flashes than those who were not treated. While both groups showed improvement in psychological symptoms, those in the acupuncture group showed significantly greater improvement.

While the study sample was small, if you suffer from hot flashes, it looks as if acupuncture is a reasonable choice for you.



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